Midterms 2018: Virginia shows record voter turnout

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — Despite campaigning hard, Allison White, the first transgender candidate who ran for Virginia Beach City Council, fell short of a win.

“This doesn’t deter me at all. I found it very encouraging. Even though I finished in 4th place, I did get 26,000 people to vote for me and from where I came from a year ago. I’m just going to look at it from the positive side.”

One other good thing to take away from this experience, White told BA, is reconnecting back to her Filipino roots. White’s grandmother was Filipina.

Win or lose, local officials say it was a good day for Hampton Roads, the area which includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Newport Mews.

According to state data, more than 132,000 votes were cast on Tuesday, a new record.

Another record, is the state turning blue. Three more Democrats will join Congressman Bobby Scott in Congress.

Virginia now has 7 Democrats and 4 Republican representatives, adding to the Democrats taking control of Congress.

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