Trump says he’s heading ‘Operation Warp Speed,’ aiming to speed up production of COVID-19 vaccine

On May Day, when workers all over the world are championed, tens of millions are still without jobs and are struggling to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of them are raring to go back to work.

Numerous protests to reopen economies in states continued and demonstrators made quite a statement in Michigan, where they marched to the Capitol carrying their guns, proudly showing off their 2nd Amendment rights.

President Donald Trump responded via Twitter calling on the Governor of Michigan to give a little, and put out the fire — calling the protesters very good people.

When it comes to developing a vaccine against COVID-19, Trump said he is “not overpromising” if his administration can meet the goal of making 300 million doses available by the end of 2020, or early next year.

He has dubbed this ‘Operation Warp Speed.’

“Whatever the maximum is, whatever you can humanly do, we’re going to have and we hope we’re going to come up with a good vaccine. Johnson & johnson and oxford and lots of different great companies, representatives of our country in some ways, NIH is working very hard and doing a terrific job. No, I hope we’re going to have a vaccine and we’re going to fast track it like you’ve never seen before.

Trump also said he has not seen a report released by the Director of National Intelligence, which debunks a conspiracy theory touted by Trump and his allies that the new coronavirus was “manmade or genetically modified.”

Trump insisted the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan.

The U.S. coronavirus cases have soared to 1,082,000, with more than 63,000 deaths.

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