Michael Martinez to make last minute decision on Slovenia competition

March 28, 2014

ANAHEIM, Calif. – For the past few weeks Philippine Olympian Michael Christian Martinez has taken the ice, putting in several hours of practice and therapy sessions as the

Triglav competition in Slovenia draws near.

“I started to practice again not still 100% because, it’s an old injury. It’ll be there you’re still using your muscles you’re still using your knees,” explained the 17-year-old skating phenom.

However, Martinez is still not yet one hundred percent sure if he will enter into the competition which takes place from April 2-6.

“We’re still thinking until Saturday. We’re still thinking if we competing in Slovenia,” he said.

Martinez says if he does decide he is well enough to compete and excel in the senior event, he would leave California by Monday.

You can contact Steve Angeles at steve_angeles@abs-cbn.com for more information.

Since his Olympic triumph last month in Sochi, Russia, Martinez had been out of practice as he battles injuries.

He had to skip out on this month’s Junior World Championship competition in Bulgaria.

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