Michael Copon on past roles, newfound success beyond acting

In the early 2000s, Michael Copon morphed his way into teen heartthrob and action star status, with roles on One Tree Hill, Power Rangers Time Force, and The Scorpion King.

He stayed active on the indie movie scene, even opening Michael Copon Studios back in his native Virginia, and he’s now finding success as a writer and producer.

Since Copon first started his showbiz career, the industry has gone through major shifts — from the rise of online media, and a change in viewing habits.

As he attended the recent Los Angeles Asian Pacific American Film Festival, the proud Fil-Am actor says Hollywood has now become diverse than ever.

The 36-year-old Copon is still active in front of the camera, making appearances on the Emmy winning Amazon prime series, The Bay.

In an era where reboots of classic shows are becoming big attractions, he says he’s open to reviving some of his past roles.

Next up for Copon, a futuristic science fiction series dystopia, which he co-created and stars in. It’s scheduled to be released sometime this year.

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