Michael Copon hopes to bridge gap between PH actors and Hollywood

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

July 17, 2014
VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Hollywood actor Michael Copon is known for playing the role of Mathayus in Universal Picture’s “Scorpion King 2.”
The 31-year-old Filipino-American actor broke into Hollywood as Blue Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers in 2001.
He moved on to play other roles such “Felix” — the hunky pool boy in the hit TV show – “One Tree Hill” and as “Penn” on “Bring It On.”
But after landing roles in about 120 TV episodes and 13 movies in America, the Fil-Am actor is putting on a producer’s hat — creating his own Hollywood-style movies.
He starred and produced “Killer Holiday,” a suspense–thriller about a psychotic killer, played by Copon, who went on a killing-spree in a carnival park.
Copon says he sold “Killer Holiday” to Lion’s Gate Entertainmnet and it did well in Redbox – a popular automated movie rental kiosk.
 “After that I said, you know what, I can do this, I can direct, I can produce, I can edit and sell these products for a low price, produce the product for low and sell it for high,” Copon said.  
The former Power Ranger wants to bridge the gap between Filipino actors and Hollywood.
“I mean Anne Curtis could be a top notch actress in Hollywood” he said, “So my goal is to produce Hollywood-budget, Hollywood-style films in the Philippines and in America utilizing the Filipino stars and American stars.”
Copon says he is even considering making Hollywood-style movies in his father’s birthplace – the Philippines.
“A dollar goes a longer way in the Philippines, I can do a $20 Million film there for probably $500,000 and make it look incredible,” Copon said.
His next movie is called “207” – named after the police code for kidnapping. 207 is an action-thriller film inspired by movies like “Taken” and “Ransom.”
“I built a movie studio here in Chesapeake, I have a 27,000 square foot building,” Copon said, “We need more of you (Filipino actors) guys here in Hollywood and I’m here to help you guys, I’m here to bridge that gap, I can make these movies happen”
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