Melissa Polinar, Gabe Bondoc, and Jeremy Passion celebrate music success and family

SAN FRANCISCO — After about a decade of building their singing careers on YouTube, Fil-Am artists Gabe Bondoc, Jeremy Passion, and Melissa Polinar continue to perform music for a demanding audience.

All three were in San Francisco performing their own sets to a sold-out crowd in celebration of Passion’s new album, “Pause.”


“It represents the last 3 or 4 years of my life and a lot has changed in the past 3 or 4 years,” says Passion. “So that’s why I have a lot to talk about on this new album.”

Passion and Bondoc have gone on to create families of their own.

However, all three consider themselves a family who get to perform together and support one another.


“I think it’s cool not just for the audience to be able to see 3 acts doing similar but very different things but also for us as artists to be inspired by each other especially with this being Jeremy’s release party. He has incredible music,” says Bondoc.

After sharing the stage all over the US and the world, the three still could not imagine what their futures held upon meeting each other all those years ago.

“I found him off a Xanga blog page. And I was like ‘who is this guy?’ then I found out he lives like 20 minutes away from me.”


“I knew of him because of myspace but I didn’t really know him personally, until he reached out and he wanted to write a song so we did write a song together,” said Polinar. “We finally met up in person to record the song he actually didn’t think I was Filipino. He thought I was Puerto Rican or something.”

All three performers say that no matter how many times the fans cheer for them, stop them for pictures, or subscribe to their YouTube channels — they feel blessed for the opportunity.


“We’re very introspective people, a little introverted so for us to write these songs by ourselves in our rooms, and for people we never met across the world to be listening to these things and speaking life into the stuff they are doing, is really overwhelming,” said Bondoc. “It’s powerful. It’s a powerful feeling.”

Polinar, Passion, and Bondoc will be back together touring Chicago, New York, and Atlanta this August.

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