Melanie Marquez enjoying life as cowgirl in Utah

By Jared Bray, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

ANNABELLA, Utah – Instead of the fast life of show business, former beauty queen Melanie Marquez now enjoys her quiet life as a cowgirl on a 200-acre ranch in rural Utah.

It’s an odd place to find Miss International 1979, but for the Mabalacat, Pampanga native, Annabella has been home sweet home since she and her husband moved to the tranquil town a few years ago.

When asked how life has been on the ranch, Marquez said, “It’s nice and quiet here. This is the kind of life I want.”

Another reason this supermodel-turned-cowgirl is so fond of the countryside is her new line of work, which consists of riding horses, herding sheep, and raising cattle.

“We have a lot of animals, like goat, cows and sheep,” she shared.
Although her life may no longer have the glitz and glamor of her past professions, Marquez said that working on the ranch has been rewarding.

“I feel close to Mother Nature. And I love taking care of animals,” she shared.

In addition, Marquez is also able to spend quality time with her husband, Adam, and two sons, 12-year-old Adam Jr. and 10-year-old Abraham.

“I give them my full-time attention as a mother. I’m just happy that I’m doing this other side of me. I’m not just a celebrity; I’m a full-time mom and wife,” Marquez pointed out.

Which is why Marquez also said that while she misses the Philippines, she plans to make her Utah ranch her family’s home for years to come.

She concluded, “I’m happy. It’s a fulfilling life.”

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