Meet your TFCKat Finalist: Mylyn Grace Ramos

By Troy Espera, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Oct. 16, 2013

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – When it comes to expressing her Pinoy pride—Mylyn Grace Ramos doesn’t fiddle around.

“I embody what TFCKat stands for, which is being proud as a Filipino, and sharing your gift that you’ve been blessed with,” Ramos said. “That’s music, in this case for me—and being able to push forth more positivity.”

Her unique musical style blends classical with hip-hop, making the 21-year old from San Antonio, Texas a stand out contestant during TFCKat’s semi-final auditions last month.

“I study my Mozart before my Jay-Z type,” she said. “Classical music is my solid foundation of how I was able to branch out to rapping and pop covers and all that other stuff outside of classical music.”

She wowed the judges and nabbed a spot as one of the top 5.

“It would give me a boost as far as, ‘Wow, not only is she rapping and violin, but she’s a really proud Filipino,’ she said. “I feel that Asian Americans, Filipinos especially, have a lot of stuff to offer.”

Will the violin playing MC take the TFCKat grand prize this Sunday? If you want to know—go to One Kapamilya Go!

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