Meet Vicki Rollins, the first Fil-Am co-owner of a hospital system in the U.S.

LOS ANGELES, CA — As proud as the American flag, this fixture in the landscape of Historic Filipinotown stands tall — but it comes with a new name and a commitment to serve the healthcare needs of the community.

The Los Angeles Downtown Medical Center, or LADMC, recently hosted a free Community Health & Wellness Day, which included blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, eye exams and more. They also offered free consultation with physicians and other health care providers.

At the helm of the hospital is Vicki Rollins, the chairman of the board and the first Filipino American co-owner of a hospital system in the U.S., who not only warmly welcomed everyone, but also stressed the importance of perseverance in leadership especially in healthcare.

“Believing in what you do, and surrounding yourself with people with the same mission and vision. I always look at patients as a family member, I tell myself, if this is your family member, what would you do?”

LADMC, which is at the heart if HiFi, is a 219-bed inpatient hospital, which is going through a swift and remarkable revitalization; modernizing its 24-hour urgent care facilities, inpatient and outpatient services, as well as their Ingleside campus in the San Gabriel Valley.

The hospital’s chief of staff said LADMC is crucial to this culturally diverse part of Los Angeles, especially for communities of color.

“Having more beds available in this county is vital. And also giving quality caregiving culturally relevant services as well as medically competent services is our focus is our commitment,” said Jacob Flores M.D., Chief of Staff.

Rollins also said her vision for the hospital is long and strategic— and she has a caring approach when it comes to taking care of patients.

“We’re gonna do prevention. Were gonna do wellness programs before they get sick. I don’t want them coming to hospital already sick. Its a lot easier for me to take care of them when they are not actually sick.”

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