Meet the world’s strongest, Filipino weight-lifting family

SIMI VALLEY, CA — The name Scott Mendelson is one of the most well respected names in weightlifting, and his Filipina wife and children are proving that they can keep up with dad.

The world’s strongest family continues to get stronger with strength and athleticism.

Former mixed martial artists turned world’s strongest woman, Maricelle Garcia Mendelson, Scott’s wife, is still showing off her pure power.

After a sponsorship from the Olympic training center, she continues to hit the gym, and is now shifting her powerlifting success towards Olympic-style weight lifting.

This 400 pound power clean is just a warm up for her.

While powerlifting focus on exercises such as the bench press, Olympic style lifting involves more technical moves such as the clean and jerk.

“Training is a little different. Olympic lifting is a lot of different movements, so you’re throwing the weight over your head as to if you were laying down, and benching and pulling from the ground,” said Maricelle Mendelson. It’s kind of a combination of 3 different lifts at once.”

Their eldest daughter Jade, who holds bench press records in her division, is now 20 years old — and has taken a break as she attends college, but now comes the youngest of their three children, Jasmine, who we first saw 6 years ago spotting for mommy and daddy. Jasmine is now following Mom’s and Ate’s footsteps.

At 14, Jasmine is already setting her sights towards eventually becoming an Olympic weight-lifter.

“It’s really cool how strong my whole family is and everything, so it just made me want to join in with them,” she said.

“She’s my protege right now. She’s the one I’m coaching, and getting ready to start competing soon,” said Maricelle.

The Mendelson family name may have been built on their amazing strength.

However, one family member is taking a different road to glory — a road that you can say takes a lot of balance and a lot of flexibility.

The middle child and only son, Troy, is now a 16 year old gymnast.

A small boy whom we met as he swung around his parents gym; he’s grown to be in the top 10 in his age group for all around gymnastics, and ranks number 2 on the rings.

“I have to be consistent with my training, take care of myself, listen to my mom, like what she tells me to do with my diet.”

Unlike the rest of his super strong family; as a gymnast, Troy has to be careful with his weight training. Too much muscle can throw off his routines.

Despite staying away from raw power, he credits his success to the family business.

“It’s in my blood. So I felt it, but also I know I’m going to exceed at that,” he said.

While Troy will try out for the junior Olympics each year; he has his sights set on the 2024 Olympics.

He hopes as his sister Jasmine masters her sport — the two can eventually join a future Olympics together.



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