Meet the Golden State Warriors’ Filipino hype-man

OAKLAND, CA — The Bay Area is feeling the excitement as the Golden State Warriors try to head into the NBA finals for their fourth consecutive year.

With last night’s win over the Houston Rockets, the Warriors have clinched 16 straight postseason wins at Oracle Arena.

The Warriors arguably have the loudest, rowdiest fans in the NBA — and for Fil-Am Allan
Gargaritano, it’s his responsibility to get them hyped for the game as a member of the Warriors “Hoop Troop.”

Despite the constant running up, down, and all over Oracle Arena, Gargaritano doesn’t mind it at all.


“It’s amazing. The fans are incredible. It’s great to be part of just hyping up the best crowd in the NBA. It’s so crazy,” he said. “It’s not even a job. It’s so much fun to be able to be here with the Warriors.”

Gargaritano joined the team last year, and was able to be a part of the Warriors’ 2017 title run.

Gargaritano joins other notable Fil-Am Warriors’ employees, including hype-man Franco Finn, DJ Umami, and members of the Warriors cheerleaders.

Gargaritano says he’s part of a special moment in the Bay Area that many fans have been waiting for such a long time.

“Just been a Warriors fan for so long. There’s been so many tough seasons we had. Knowing that we’re here. We got a championship. We’re almost there. It gives us so much energy and it’s so much fun to do this.”

The Warriors’ currently hold a two-one series lead over the houston rockets in the Western conference finals.


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