Meet “The Foster’s” Fil-Am star, Meg DeLacy

She’s known as Grace Mullen on the hit drama series “The Fosters.”

While her character Grace is a leukemia patient that volunteers at a local hospital and dates the shows leading man, the 21-year old Fil-Am that portrays her is full of energy and talent.

Southern California born and raised actress/musician Meg DeLacy began her Hollywood life as a sixth grader doing musical theater, turning pro within two years.

“Ever since then it’s just been auditions on auditions I’ve done some TV stuff, some movie stuff sprinted in there some commercials but Foster was an amazing experience we just finished the 5th season,” said  Delacy

Among her credits are Zack and Mia, The Prom, Chicago PD, and Side Effects.

As part of a new generation of entertainers, many of her hits have come thru digital platforms.

“YouTube, the way that they set it up is similar to network stuff it’s broadcast on smaller screen obviously, it’s just as much heart, just as much money, just as much people that go into creating any product online or on television — but branching out into Fosters is just another piece of the pie. It’s just another amazing experience to do what I love, which is acting and also music.”

Another art form that DeLacy enjoys is music, recently doing several shows at the iconic Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, whether its to make people dance, sway slowly or put others in a romantic mood.

Her songs, including her recently released, sensual ballad ‘Bruises’ were all written by her.

“What I write about is pretty much what I’m going through at that time, and that’s as fresh as it can get if I were to be creative enough to write a full song about. ‘Bruises’ is about passion, love bites and love marks that you’re proud of falling in love.”

March will be a busy month for DeLacy.

Her official music video for bruises comes out this week, The Fosters season finale is slated for March 20th, and her next single trapeze will also come out this month.

And while she hasn’t been back to the Philippines yet, the busy entertainer gets her fix of pancit and Turon from her Philippine-born mom, but is hoping to visit soon to learn more about her culture.

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