Meet the former actor instrumental in push to return the Bells of Balangiga

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA —  Logan Clarke has been making movies since the ’70s.

But it was the movie “Sunugin ang Samar” — which he made in 1974 — that would be most significant to him some 40 years later.

Clarke would play Sergeant Quick, or “The Ugly American,” as how he would refer to the role.

It was only within the last six years that Mr. Clarke was approached about a movie regarding the Balangiga massacre and the Philippine-American War, and he began researching the event.

Moved by the atrocities of the US soldiers and what he called the wrongful taking of the bells, Clarke formed the committee to return the bells.

Clarke credits president Rodrigo Duterte for the return of the bells by creating more awareness when he mentioned them during his 2017 state of the nation address.

“Mr. President, you did a great thing in mentioning in your speech. You did a wonderful thing and the fact that it followed through i think is just incredible.”

Aside from acting, Clarke has been a private investigator working on cases that involved retrieving stolen jewelry to human trafficking.

Clarke says helping bring awareness to the Balangiga bells and assisting in their return to the Philippines is one of his career’s greatest accomplishments.

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