Pride for Philippines: Meet the environmentalist helping disadvantaged local communities

DALY CITY, CA — Filipina environmentalist Gina Lopez spent time speaking to potential Fil-Am donors about out her latest efforts to uplift poor and disadvantaged communities in the Philippines, by emphasizing the need to use the archipelago’s rich natural resources to benefit locals, not corporations, and certainly not foreign investors.

During an event at the TFC studio, Lopez showed various projects of “Quest of Love” that build tourism opportunities, livelihood projects and sustainable undertakings in communities.

While doing all of these, she emphasized the need to protect the environment.

“We’re not building huge infrastructure. We’re just making a commitment to the lives of the people there.

Lopez has teamed up with Filipino-Americans of the Pride for Philippines project — whose goal is to eventually clean up Manila Bay.

After a meeting with Lopez, the Pride for Philippines team says they are motivated to learn from her as they assist in her advocacy.

Pride for Philippines has already built a network of different people who are committed to helping the Philippines and its people — which they are now bringing to Lopez’s cause.

“I think it’s really important more people are aware what Gina is doing on the ground and so with Pride for Philippines we can bring more awareness through influencers and celebrities, and get the people involved.”

Some of those who are involved are Fil-Ams of a younger generation, who say they felt more inspired than ever after meeting Lopez.

All this commitment from different generations of Fil-Ams is something Lopez is happy to see.

“The fact that they are willing to take it on. They live here. They don’t have to do it because it’s not a need but they’re doing it out of the compassion of their heart.”

According to Pride for Philippines, various fundraisers such as pop up dinners and Filipino Heritage Night at professional sporting events will help fund lopez’s quest for love advocacy in the Philippines.

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