Meet the Filipina-American toddler painting her mark in New York’s art community

NEW YORK — To the untrained eye, she looks like any toddler playing with paper and paint — but to NYC’s art community, Filipino-American Lola June is known as the pint-sized Picasso.

The two-year-old expressionist been featured in local media.

Her recent solo art exhibition sold 30 of the 40 artworks she recently created.

Mixed media artist Pajtim Osmonaj, the show’s curator, discovered the young Fil-Am’s talent in her own living room.

Osmanaj saw something special in Lola June’s scribbles.

Viewed side by side, Osmanaj says Lola June’s free scribbles on solid canvass resembles pieces by Edwin Parker “Cy” Twombly — an American painter, sculptor and photographer who rose to fame in the 50’s.

Lola June’s mom is an artist herself who uses hair as her canvass — Lucille Javier is a hair colorist in New York.

Lola’s dad is also known in the world of hair – celebrity hairstylist Mark Bustos, who became known for giving free haircuts to the homeless.

According to local news stories, some art collectors have paid from $500 to $23,000 dollars for Lola’s work.

Lucille says sales from all of Lola’s art will go into her own savings account, which she can use for education in the future — a future that looks bright with artistic possibilities.

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