Meet the Fil-Ams of Disney’s Aladdin the Musical

In Chicago, theater fans are extra eager to catch the hit musical, Disney’s Aladdin, because of Pinoy pride.

This is 34-year old Adam Jacobs, A Fil-Am who played the title role of Disney’s new Broadway musical Aladdin. The two-and-a-half hour musical, directed by Casey Nicholaw, was based on the 1992 Disney animated film continues to be a hit in the Chicago market.

When Filipino organizer Ruben Salazar found out that Aladdin was showing in Chicago, he realized that there was no better opportunity for the community to celebrate Filipino Heritage Night than at the Aladdin show.

“We are very happy that we have 2 Filipinos to represent our community and our country,” said Aladdin fan Lu Murphy.

Jacobs, together with his co-actor, Fil-Am Reggie DeLeon (who plays Jafar’s funny sidekick Iago), are both grateful for the support they get from fellow kababayans.

Their advice to young ones who aspire to be successful like them:

“It’s getting easier for people of color, minorities, but it’s still challenging,” said DeLeon.

“Sometimes, it only takes one person who really inspire you and push you in that direction,” said Jacobs. “It can be a tough business. The showbiz-ness side of it can be daunting. And it can start to weigh you down but if you can just keep going, keep that passion and don’t let anybody take that passion away from you.”

The North America tour of Aladdin the Musical is ongoing. After Chicago, Aladdin can be seen in Minneapolis beginning Sept 15th.


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