Meet the Fil-Am tween singer on tour with Kidz Bop

She just turned 15-years-old, but Filipino American singer Juliana Renee of Houston, Texas is already rocking out to sold-out concerts and six hit albums as one of the main members of the singing group, Kidz Bop, in the last three years.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve loved performing, singing and dancing, and I would watch my favorite artists perform on stage and I told my parents I wanted to be like them — so they enrolled me in singing and dancing lessons and I’ve loved it ever since.”

Since the early 2000s, Kidz Bop, which features tweens singing kid-friendly versions of pop songs, has paved the way for stars like Zendaya. The group has already released 40 albums, with Juliana appearing in six. 

While Fil-Am dancer Kenneth San Jose appeared on commercials and videos for Kidz Bop, Juliana is believed to be the first Fil-Am main member Kidz Bop to actually go on tour.

“It’s really cool getting to be the Filipino in Kidz Bop, because I get to represent the Filipino community. And getting to inspire kids; it’s really awesome.”

Since she was chosen through a self-taped audition, Juliana has moved from Houston to Los Angeles. However, she spends most of her time on the road or in the studio rehearsing, recording and shooting music videos.

“It’s so much fun because we get to spend so much time together and they’re like my brothers and sisters so I love getting to do what I love with them. Stepping on stage being able to perform on stage being able to perform for so many kids is absolutely crazy getting to see so many people out there enjoying our music and making them happy is a dream come true.”

The Kidz Bop cast changes up every three years, but Juliana gets to stay for another term with the group.

Kidz Bop just announced their 2020 live tour, which kicks off in June in Connecticut — bringing Juliana to even more places throughout North America to live her dream on stage.

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