Meet the Filipino family behind viral song about coronavirus, “Lady Corona”

TORONTO — Weeks into the lockdown amid the pandemic, families are getting creative on how to pass the time — including the Ocampo family from Toronto, who not only came up with an original song about the coronavirus, but also created a music video that’s now gone viral.

Lady Corona,” composed by Christian Ocampo, aptly describes the virus as a silent killer that everyone wants to go away.

After composing and recording the track in just 3 days, Ocampo rounded up his performers.

“At first, I wasn’t very excited about it but when he came to say, ‘Mom it’s good, we can convey the message about the coronavirus’, so I said, ‘Ok let’s do it!’” said Lilian Ocampo, Christian’s mother, and “Lady Corona.”

“I think it’s good having fun with the family…doing it together,” said Florante Ocampo, his father.

“I just want everybody to be a part of it…with my dad checking the door…my mom nudging my dad to check the door which I think is very Filipino.  I wanted my grandma to be a part of it so that we can show to the world that we need to take care of our elderly because they’re the ones that are most at risk.  I just want everybody who watches it to have something to relate to,” said composer Christian.

With just an iPhone and a homemade costume for Lady Corona, Ocampo conveyed his message on how to fight the virus while drawing attention to family bonding.

“Through this experience, through this project, we get to relieve ourselves from the tension and the worries of what Covid-19 has brought to Canada. We don’t have a lot of things to give out to people but just to share music and lift people’s spirits… that’s all we ever wanted.”

After the success of their music video, the Ocampo family plans to create another one and push their creative limits while staying at home amid the pandemic.

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