Meet the Clippers Spirit’ Filipina dancer, Kyla

Philippine-born Clippers Spirit dancer Kyla is enjoying her second campaign with her hometown team.

While she brings Pinay pride on the court each home game, she’s ready for a big Filipino festival on Janurary 8th, when the Clippers host their annual Filipino heritage night featuring Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas and an bobblehead giveaway.

“I always love to celebrate my heritage and to be able to do it right here in my hometown with the all of the people, I love all of the Clippers fans. Bebot was my favorite song since I was like 8 or 9 so it was really awesome to perform with him another Filipino getting to dance to that one song was just incredible.”

As an ambassador to one of the NBA regions’ many professional teams, Kyla is hoping to boost community morale, one performance at a time.

“Its really important especially as a Clippers spirit member to be out here and support LA and be here for everybody, because in such tough times we just need to keep our hopes up and inspire and try to make it through all that’s happened here in LA.”

Shortly after the shooting, the Clippers took a stand, creating T-shirts with the victims’ names including Fil-Am Alaina Housley. Proceeds from the shirt will go to the victims’ families.

During these trying times, LA sports fans can find some comfort with on the court success. The surprising Clippers have been one of the top teams in the West in this young season.

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