Meet the cast of Filipino-led Canadian sitcom “Second Jen”

TORONTO — Local homegrown talents star on the second season of “Second Jen,” a 6-part comedy about the real-life experiences of Asian millenials in the big city.

Second Jen is a Canadian TV comedy written and produced by Samantha Wan, Filipina Amanda Joy, and directed by Filipino-Canadian Romeo Candido.

“I want people to see themselves on screen, especially Asians are invisible in media, and most especially Filipinos are invisible in media. I was meeting with an agent once and he actually told me not to tell anyone that I was Filipina because he said, all you’ll do is play maids and nannies,” said co-producer/creator Amanda Joy.

Filipino-Canadian director Romeo Candido says Second Jen was an opportunity to dive into comedy that resonated with him as an Asian Canadian.

He also pointed out the show is real and relatable because many young Asian women, like Amanda Joy, are living pay check to pay check, trying to figure out how to get by and trusting their own intuition and voice.

“It was really fun working with Romeo. He did catch me making mistakes in Tagalog, so that was helpful, because I don’t think any other director could’ve done that.”

Caroline Mangosing, is another Fil-Can actress who plays Amanda Joy’s mother.

While Amanda Joy is proud to be working with more Filipinos on set, she hopes that her writing material will be able to explore what Asians can do on screen.

Season 2  of Second Jen kicked off Saturday, Aug. 4 on OMNI Television.

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