Meet the artist who creates with sand, inspired by Philippine and Tibetan culture

LOS ANGELES — A Filipino artist is making a lasting impression with unique artwork that involves no planning, and a lot of sand.

Sal Budhz Floriano has had an amazing art journey that explores many mediums, and has landed him some pretty unique day jobs.

This style that traces its origins to the Philippines and Tibet has inspired his Tawas and Sand Mandala Art Show.

“In the Philippines they have a healer called the Tawas. They dictate where did you get your sickness because of the candle they take and melt in the fire and spread it to the water and it came out the figures. I combined that process of the Tawas and the Tibetan monk, how to make mandala.”

This colorful-Asian inspired method is the latest in an ever-evolving world of art for Budhz.

A graduate of the Philippine Women’s University, he originally arrived in the US with other Filipino artists to show off their work in the late 80s.

He eventually grew his portfolio and decided to continue his work in the US.

But when it was time to erect a new life in the US, he managed to land a job and work visa by designing adult sex toys.

“It’s related on art. Everything is related on art. I’m happy it’s on my line to work on my abilities and given talent. All those company’s they own the original, it came from me, I designed everything. This Jew guy he loved me very much, that’s when I asked, can you sponsor me. No thinking twice.”

The colorful tapestry of his life and travels can still be seen. A few pieces are still a bit X-rated, but’s he’s taken other works out of the bedroom and into the hospital room, like this mural displayed at a Los Angeles hospital.

After his stint in the adult toy industry, he went on to design tiles. And from those scraps, he’s put together these pieces, just like his Tawas and Mandalas collection, the pieces just fall into place from nothing into something unique, for all walks to appreciate.

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