Meet the 74-year-old Filipino candidate running for city council in New Jersey

BERGENFIELD, NJ — On these quiet streets of Bergenfield, on most days recently, you’d see Fil-Am Councilman Buddy Deauna handing out leaflets and talking to residents about why he’s running for re-election this November 5th.

Together with fellow Pinoy councilman Arvin Amatorio, who is running for Bergenfield mayor, Deauna continues to knock on doors, street after street to get their message out.

“It’s actually inherent to me, I love people, although my knees are now aching because I’m 74 years old.”

Deauna said Bergenfield voters did not mind his age when they elected him three years ago, and he hopes it stays that way.

Many American voters certainly do not mind that a handful of 2020 presidential candidates are older than 70-years-old, including 73-year-old Donald Trump.

But Sanders’ recent health scare brought doubt to some that at 78 years old, he could take on one of the most challenging jobs as president of the United States.

The Vermont senator had two stents inserted in an artery on Wednesday after experiencing chest discomfort at an event in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

His campaign canceled all scheduled events and said he would be resting for several days. But they confirmed that he will participate in the October 15th debate in Ohio.

Like sanders, Cely Deauna said…Nothing is stopping her husband from campaigning.

“I see the desire, I see the enthusiasm in his heart, not because he is my husband. We’ve been married for 46 years and serving the community is his passion.”

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll done in early September, 58 percent of Democrats said it doesn’t matter if their presidential nominee is older or younger than 70 — but 40 percent said a younger candidate would have a better chance against Trump.

On various latest polls, 76-year-old Joe Biden, however, remains the leading Democratic presidential candidate.

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