Meet San Diego’s blind Pinoy acupuncturist

NATIONAL CITY, CA — Acupuncture needles help align the nerves, release toxins, and cure ailments.

And for this patient, Doc Willie Villegas is exactly what the doctor ordered.

 “Willie is amazing he just really takes care of the full body, any problems I have, he’s always able to deal with, and I have a lot of problems,” said the patient, “Bill.”

 It’s a complicated procedure — as one wrong move can worsen ailments, but Doc Willie does this to ten patients a day, practically with his eyes closed. 

Growing up poor in Isla Capotes Cebu, Willie’s bout with German measles took all his sight.

While his eyes have failed him, his healing touch hasn’t.

And a desire to rise out of poverty has motivated the blind doctor for the past three decades. 

“Iniisip ko what will happen to my life, talagang as I enter my elementary days dun na tutu na Ako massage which is hanggang high school,” Villefas said. “Siguro talagang na sip ko, ang hirap lang kami ano mgyayari sa akin kung hindi Ako ma aral.”

A former counselor at the school for the blind, he’s determined to improve eastern medicines in the Philippines, and hopes eventually open up his own school, teaching aspiring acupuncturists all the fine points of this style of medicine.


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