Meet Patrick Packing, the “dancing barber” Pinoy bringing the heat on Magic Mike Live

LOS ANGELES — From sporting a set of six-pack abs, to strutting it off in this sizzling dance routine, Fil-Am “Patrick Packing” is living up to his dream. He is among the 13 male performers blazing the Magic Mike Live stage inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Magic Mike Live is a strip-themed spectacular, directed by the real Magic Mike himself Channing Tatum.

“The show is not what you think it,” says Packing. “It’s not like hubad, how do I say… it it’s more artistic. It’s more tailored nicely. This is one of the best jobs ever and still doing it is like a good platform for me to exemplify that Filipinos, and Asians in general, that we are sexy too. We got nice bodies, and we can dance.”

“I built so many connections, I did cutting and dancing at the same time, and I built both very strong and I was able to link together, I had lot,” he added. “When I say Dancing Barber I literally mean that.”

He’s also proud to be the only Filipino American in the Magic Mike cast.

“Representing Filipinos and Asians in general, it’s really cool to be part of an exclusive group especially under Magic Mike.”

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