Meet Nevada’s spelling bee champ: a fifth grader Filipina

HENDERSON, NV — 5th grader Fil-Am Mischa Abad of Somerset Academy Stephanie Campus proves that she is Nevada’s top speller.

Mischa stood out among the 39 contestants from 11 counties in Nevada, and took home the state’s Scripps Spelling Bee trophy in March.

Mischa says that it was a grueling competition against another Fil-Am speller Aaron Magio. Mischa says that although the competition was fierce, she finished strong with a correct spelling of “Cambio.”

“I felt glad that each of us were in the finals and it made me really happy that Filipinos were in the spelling bee. My favorite word is gardenia.”

Mischa, a bookworm, shares a few of her study habits.

“I prepared myself with the spelling bee by studying this list of words and reading a lot and some of the words were in my books. So it gives me a little help on how to spell them.”

Mischa’s passion for reading started before she started going to school. She says that she likes to read chapter books, and could read up to 25 books per day.

Mischa’s support system, her parents, say that as much as their daughter enjoys studying and reading, it’s still important for her to get enough rest, and to enjoy other activities.

“My advice to people who want to be in the spelling bee compettion. It’s gonna be hard work. Don’t get intimidated by other contestants, just try your best thats the only thing we tell Mischa. If you lose you lose know that experiences that you go through that carries you to another competition.”

Mischa will not only represent the great state of Nevada, but the Filipino Americans who will be cheering for Mischa’s quest to be the next spelling bee champion.


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