Meet Nevada’s 11-year-old Pinoy golf champion

LAS VEGAS, NV — Amid the scorching desert sun, Vincent Kyle Tormes Forbes aims to perfect his swing and axis.

While kids his age are playing with their video games, Kyle is playing with his golf clubs — and the golf courses throughout Las Vegas are his playgrounds.

“I started playing golf when I was 5 or 6 years old; it was a great start it took me a while to learn basics and the fundamentals,” he shared.

“He just started on a driving range hitting balls, and after a year we took him to the golf course and start playing,” said his dad Vicente.

Now, at 11-years-old, Kyle Forbes has more than 100 golf medals and trophies from US Golf championships all over North America — from Utah, Arizona, Oregon, and California.

Kyle Forbes topped the US Kids golf championship for six consecutive years, and he remains the champion in his age division.

“It’s more of the mind. It’s because you need to think of everything where it goes, you have to think about the swing, more things like that. You also have to concentrate. You don’t want to lose your focus.”

Kyle’s’ dad adds that although golf is an expensive sport, placing on top at the awarding ceremonies certainly pays off. Kyle never fails to disappoint them.

“Proud na proud, kase yan pag nakita mo na yang mga trophy na hawak niya sobrang proud,” said his dad.

His trainer and coach, Sonny Delasin, father of PGA pro-golfer Dorothy Delasin, confirms that Kyle is representing Nevada at the US Calloway tour this year in Palm Springs, CA, on July 14th and 15th.

Kyle remains to be an “A” student and manages to balance golfing and academics. He says that he is determined to play golf in college and in the PGA someday.


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