Meet Marissa Kerns, Hawaii’s lieutenant governor candidate

HONOLULU, HI — Marissa Dipasupil Kerns is ready to move on from last week’s debate snub, and says she is now focused on undoing the damage that she claims Democrats have caused the state of Hawaii.

The Filipino-American Republican candidate for lieutenant governor made headlines last week, when she claimed that her running mate –gubernatorial candidate Andria Tupola – failed to invite her to the last televised debate before the general election, on one of Hawaii’s local TV stations.

On stage,Ddemocratic governor David Ige and his running mate, doctor josh green, were seen together side-by-side, while Republican Tupola attended the debate without Kerns.

“Tupola and myself, are still gonna be team, we’re gonna be together to tackle all these problems, the disaster that Democrats created. From the beginning of my campaign, Ialways wanted to fire Ige.”

Kerns’ priorities include stopping the rail project that is now projected to cost over eight billion dollars, bringing in a state lottery to help fund the state’s infrastructure, and ousting Governor Ige.

“Nothing gets done in Hawaii. And we’re becoming poorer. We’re like became slaves now. Because they don’t care. If they really care, they had fixed this for the last four years that Ige’s been there. He didn’t do anything different, and he’s gonna do the same thing.”

Kerns has been rounding up supporters for her campaign and the Republican party, in the days leading up to the general election.

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  • Mario
    6 November 2018 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    Hawaii is predominantly a Democrat State, 31% Filipino-(95% Ilocano), 30% Japanese-(45% Okinawan)third highest voters are Caucasian(military serviceman), Hawaiian are only 7-5% etc. The Japanese ethnicity stick together and vote solid ONE party-DEMOCRAT, while Filipino are divided and only 40% goes to poll.The Japanese business owner technique is to offer a Pinoy who are GOP to work overtime during election day, and the Pinoy worker gladly grateful from the owner,until he forget to vote, this is the common technique on the construction workers.