Meet Juslyn Manalo, first Filipina mayor of Daly City

DALY CITY — For the first time in its 106-year history, Daly City has its first Filipina-American mayor, Juslyn Manalo.

Having only winning a city council seat in 2016, then immediately serving as vice-mayor, council members selected Manalo to serve as mayor for a one year term.


Manalo understands that a year is a limited amount of time to make an impact — however, she already has one issue she considers high-priority.


“Create more affordable housing in Daly City. And if it’s partnering with our neighbors in San Mateo County, I think we need to really find more affordable housing opportunities.”


Manalo has already come to the defense of a Filipino elderly couple from San Francisco, who was evicted from their home of 23 years due to what they believe is predatory lending.

Manalo is trying to mediate a meeting between the lending company based in Daly City, in order for the couple to keep their home.

According to Manalo, building and supporting small businesses will be important during her term, and she shares how Daly City will soon be developing a hotel.

Along with that, Manalo foresees an increase in the transient occupancy tax — which is charged to travelers when they rent accommodations whether in be in a hotel or home.

“That’s something we need to do in order to bring more revenue to our city, so that we can provide dollars for our services whether it’s youth development or senior programming so that’s something I see in November.”

Having been raised in Daly City, Manalo is also representing the Filipino community — which is sees as a great responsibility as the city’s first Filipina-American mayor.

“It’s taken way too long in my opinion and if this is breaking barriers for other young women or young men that are of Filipino descent to see how they could be of service then I hope so.”

Manalo, along with three other Filipino-Americans, make up four of five members on the Daly City council.


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