Meet Filipino BMX racing champion, Patrick Coo

BELLFLOWER, CALIF. — Nine years ago, 8-year-old Patrick Coo won his first state championship as BMX racer.

In the past 9 years, his trophy collection has grown, winning state titles, national titles, and has even found his place into the Lakewood Youth Sports Hall of Fame.

Two weeks ago, he conquered Asia — winning the Asian BMX Championship junior category last month.

“It was a big one because it was my first race for the Philippines, and it was one of the biggest races in my sight because I had something to prove… cycling and everything that I’m worth having on the national team and just spending their time on me.”

The Southern California born-and-raised, 17-year-old dual citizen continues to put the pedal to the medal with his sights set on the 2024 Olympics — where he hopes to represent the Philippines.

“Lots of wins and losses, you can’t win them all but its been pretty good… with the hopefuls of Danny Calog, giving me hope in the future to race for the Philippines, and hopefully represent my county, and put them on the world stage and hopefully bring them gold medals was the kind of hope I wanted to which kept the fire burning in me.”

He’s gone on to play kuya and mentor to many of the younger racers, especially fellow Filipinos.

“I think maybe motivating and keeping the fire in them and to tell them to keep on keep keeping on is a great thing because maybe one day they’ll take me and Danny’s place and represent the Philippines.”

Next up for Coo and his little friends is the state qualifying race at their home track in Bellflower, if the upcoming Seagames includes a junior division, Coo plans on jumping over to the Philippines in November.

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