Meet Epic Youth Leader awardee, Loizza Aquino, advocating for mental health

She’s definitely not your ordinary teenager.

In fact, with all she’s accomplished its easy to call her an extraordinary teen, and one who’s been hailed a hero, or bayani.

Loizza Aquino has been advocating for social causes since she was 9 years old. But the issues hit home harder when she lost a friend to suicide when she was only 15 years old. Three other students from Winnipeg also took their lives, in a span of a month.

Loizza took the pain and turned it into passion for action, starting her own advocacy on mental health awareness.

“This was something that hit our whole community very hard and we had a very large Filipino community as well. So I wanted to make sure that people who were coming from different cultural backgrounds and people who are young, found a safe place to talk about their mental health issues. So that’s when I created my own nonprofit called Peace of Mind Canada.”

Loizza is now encouraging other amazing young Pinoys to share their stories for the Epic Youth Leader awards, not just in the hopes to win an award but to inspire others too.

“First, I would say take that first step, apply for the award and make sure that you’re really taking these new opportunities… as Filipinos we really need to take pride in our own work and other people, other Filipinos work, and make sure that what we do does not go unnoticed. So we’re able to inspire other people, and I know for me when I was able to other to inspire others, it really inspired me even more to keep going.”

Loizza was never intimidated by being too young to start something good, and she wants to remind all the young pinoys out there they too can make a difference.

If you know of any group of young amazing Pinoys 38 years old and below, who have made an impact in their society, nominate them for the Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino – Epic Youth Leader Awards.

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