Meet Annie Lux, Canada’s newest Filipina musical talent

by Quay Evano, ABS-CBN News


CALGARY — After Darren Espanto, another young Filipino-Canadian musical talent from Calgary is ready to become a singing sensation back in the Philippines.

As a young girl in Calgary, Annie Lux fell in love with music, listening to OPM singers like Apo Hiking Society and Asin that her dad used to play in their car.

“In terms of OPM, I would say Apo Hiking — because my dad would always play it in the car when we were driving, and Lolita Carbon, Asin. It’s mostly that music that I grew up listening to,” Lux shared.

Her love for music found her singing in the church and giggling in her father’s restaurant, and eventually in many Filipino community events in the city.

“I started just singing at my dad’s restaurant. That was the first sort of gig that I got, then afterwards the piano player I was playing with said, oh, you should join our band… and then I started singing with all the different bands.”

Since her early start in music, Annie has performed onstage with music legends like David Pomeranz and the Stylistics.

In 2015, Annie pursued her dreams of becoming a full-time singer by releasing her first solo EP “Lux,” with multi-platinum Grammy-nominated songwriting team Kuya Productions.

Her song “A-side” is featured on the hit Canadian TV series “The Next Step.”

She further pursued her passion by enrolling at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Now, she is going back to the Philippines to become a full-time recording artist.

She has recently released her first single “Yesterday” from Viva Records, which has gained 40,000 views on YouTube and great reviews on social media.

Annie wants fellow artists to never stop believing in their dreams.

“I think the biggest thing is perseverance, not letting anyone say that you can’t do it, that you are not a singer, that you are not good enough… because maybe you weren’t good enough at that time, but you will be.”

With talent and support from her fans in Canada and the Philippines, Annie hopes to spread the “Lux” for years to come.




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