Meet Adriel Aguilar, the 11-year-old Pinoy piano prodigy

11-year-old Adriel Aguilar of Arkansas did not only earn the nod of the Arkansas Parent Teacher Association as the best piano player in the state, but he also placed first at the national level.

“The first time when me and my relatives my relatives were playing the piano, during Christmas… after a few months I was so bored and I started to play the piano at that time. I wanted to play the piano at that time, then I took piano lessons. ”

“Katunayan matagal na yung piano namin, nandun lang sa bahay kas enung una ayaw niyag mag play hindi siya nag piplay parang hindi siya interesado around 3 years non palang siya nag start ng Fur Elise,” said mom Jennie Aguilar.

Aguilar’s parents say that this $75 dollar piano bought at a garage sale is considered their son’s most prized possession. On this instrument, Adriel discovered his love of music and the masters behind his favorite pieces.

“My favorite piano composer will be Rachmaninoff and Beethoven, His songs are very relaxing to me,” he shared. “I like classical because it challenges me when I play the piano.”

“Na touched ako when I was driving home and he said, Dad I want to be the greatest pianist in the whole world,” said his dad Jepthe Aguilar. “Bigla akong na shock who am I, what do I need to do wala sa amin ang may music talent… we are just trying our very best to support him.”

Now, Adriel takes his portable keyboard on the road to wherever they go, as he has to practice piano everyday.


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