By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

HENDERSON, Nevada – A school girl by day, a champion drummer by night.

Ten-year-old Alexey Poblete is a drum virtuoso. She is not only talented in hitting the drum boards, but is also the overall champion in this year’s “Hit Like A Girl” 2013 finals.

She started playing the drums at the age of six. Her dad who posted videos of her playing on YouTube, which attracted the attention of Eric Singer, the current drummer of the classic heavy metal band Kiss.

“I feel very passionate about it. I just feel so happy that I am actually doing what I love to do,” Poblete said.
“Bilang magulang, natutuwa dahil nakikita mong yung ang gusto niya, yun ang passion niya, so sinusuportahan na lang namin bilang magulang,” her parents said.

Singer is her mentor, as well as a source of inspiration and encouragement. He wants to make sure her studies come first and she gets good grades.
Poblete is a straight “A” student and is a consistent member of the gifted and talented education program.

“Alexey made a lot of friends in the music community and everybody enjoys watching her play. I think we are more impressed because she is over all a great kid.
She is a good student, a good daughter to her parents. She is a good sister to her brother and a good friend to all of us. She is all around. She has great thing going on and I think it’s fantastic that’s why we all support her and encourage her. I wanna see her be a big star,” said Singer.

Unlike other musicians her age, Poblete stands out, winning national music championships and other contests.

She not only impresses her circle of friends and family, but also famous rockers who she has met, such as Tommy Lee, Neil Peart of the band Rush, Tommy
Clufetos of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, and Gene Simmons, the co-founder of the Kiss band.

Poblete got the chance to play Tommy Lee’s Roller Coaster drum set which, she says is an experience of a lifetime.

“I just want to play in concerts, have an album, play with the band that I really love,” she said.

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