Medical mission commemorates fifth anniversary of Super typhoon Haiyan

OAKLAND, CA — This past November, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns and Kabataan Alliance, in partnership with Philippine-based health and community organizations — conducted a surgical-medical mission in Samar, Philippines to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Super Typhoon Haiyan that hit eastern Visayas in 2013.

Over 50 volunteer doctors, nurses, health students, and other community members from the U.S. and across the Philippines, provided much-needed medical and psychosocial services to almost 1000 people in northern Samar.

For some of the volunteers, this medical mission became a way to not only pursue their medical careers but to also reconnect with their Filipino heritage.

Volunteers say that this experience opened their eyes to other issues the less fortunate of the Philippines are facing.

“I think we being in the United States especially me being a white American the news doesn’t get to me and it’s on me to take that step and educate my community and make sure we are aware of our neighbors and be in solidarity,” said Pastor Caiti Hamilton.

A similar medical mission is scheduled to take place in July.

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