Media host Jen DeLeon on taking Oprah’s inspiration to her own path

As we wind down Women’s History Month, we meet Jen DeLeon, a Chicago Filipina who has branched off into Hollywood to do big things in the hosting and online world.

DeLeon is making herself as a multi-talented, multi-media gal.

From interning with her hometown team Chicago Bulls to Skee TV, to Hot New Hip Hop and even acting in Nellyville — even working with Oprah Winfrey on the No Phone campaign. The media queen gave here some advice.

“She said Jen, the next me will be you — just keep doing what you’re doing… It was confirmation that I was on the right path and everything just went up from there.”

She kept on doing what she’s been doing.

Right now she’s the chief of staff for Dash Radio, while anchoring Cheddar’s music channel.

“I’ve been in the music industry for 10 years; I started with doing interviews then I was able to work with artists later and outside of that I do motivational speaking. Very multi-dimensional… I don’t know how to some it up in one box but its always something.”

When she’s not hosting, she’s working the PR angle, working with many of the many famous faces she’s interviewed in the past.

“My favorite aspect is being able to connect with these artists, I never look at anyone as a celebrity. I look at them as people. The coolest thing is getting an email from an artist, getting my church notes every week, saying this really helped me, I think that’s my favorite aspect… every time I get a new opportunity and a challenge I love it, because it’s a way for me to grow, a way for me to learn. I don’t know what my future is after this, but I know it’ll be something big when it comes to artists.”

And just as Oprah advised her in the past, she’s paying the advice forward, recently speaking at TFCU Talks, encouraging students to follow their passions.

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