In CA, May Day rallies defend sanctuary state status

LOS ANGELES — They walked through the streets and rallied into the night, fighting workers’ rights on May Day.

But one segment of the worker’s force was on many minds: immigrant workers.

“Having immigrants attacked just have workers more afraid to stand up for their rights. We have to our there. We have to continue to march. We have to continue to vote,” said Aqui
Soriano Versoza.

“We’re here to represent these Filipino migrants because they contribute so much to the economy and society of America, and also they contribute to the economy of the Philippines,” said Karen Roxas.

Southern California has been an epicenter for the immigration debate. Thousands of undocumented workers have been arrested in the region.


As a few local governments resist the recently passed sanctuary state policy, over a dozen cities and two counties have passed resolutions, ordinances, and even lawsuits against California’s SB-54 — the California Values Act.

The sanctuary state debate has been a hot issue for many Filipinos.

“Undocumented workers are doing real important work here in California seniors being taken care of, children being taken care of our food being picked, and we need workers here. Immigrant workers. So we need their rights to be protected,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza. “We need not only the sanctuary city policies that are happening right now. We need more of them.”


“With these sanctuary cities, I believe they’re breaking the law and illegal immigration is breaking the law,” said Edwin Duterte. “If people coming into this nation breaking the law, we got to find ways to continue to obey the laws.”

Counter-protestors taking a stand against illegal immigration also showed up to the May Day marches, resulting in a few shouting matches with activists before police sectioned them off.


As the debates continue and lawsuits go through the legal process, experts believe the sanctuary issue will ultimately be settled by the state or the US Supreme Court.

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