Max’s Restaurant opens in Calgary

CALGARY, CANADA — Reagan David is one of thousands of Filipinos who lost their jobs because of the oil and gas economic recession that has plagued Alberta since 2015.

He thought the food industry was more stable compared to other industries, but after seven years working in a Thai restaurant, he was laid off.

“Biglang humina ang market ng food industry and medyo bumababa na ang sales, hindi na nila, iyung profit ng store namin medyo wala na.”

David, a lead line cook, is hoping the opening of the first Max’s Restaurant branch in the city will be for good, and he is grateful to have landed a job at a Filipino business.

According to William Rodgers, one of the grandchildren of the founder of Max’s, they are delighted to provide employment to 45 Filipinos in the city, to make sure that guests have the best experience in Max’s Calgary.

“Well, I think it’s two-fold. First of all, we hire a lot of people to work in the restaurant. That’s the immediate effect of opening a restaurant, but with Max’s… creates a place for the community, the Filipino community and their friends and relatives and co-workers to come and enjoy Filipino food.”

This marks Max’s fifth branch across Canada, and they are planning to open their 6th in Winnipeg.

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