Max’s Fried Chicken opens in Bloomfield, NJ

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The House That Fried Chicken Built just opened their 15th restaurant in the US.

This Max’s Chicken restaurant is about 20 miles from New York City, and is serving the suburbs of New Jersey.

It’s the second Max’s in New Jersey, after it first opened in Jersey City in 2010.

“It’s location, location, location,” said Max’s Restaurant President Florence Arcilla. “A lot of Filipinos living and working here, and I feel there’s 2 hospitals in between us for our nurses, and it’s just convenient for people.”

“We actually did not expect so many people flocking in since day 1, so were warmly welcomed by the people of Bloomfield,” said Cathy Ferrer, operation services manager.

For more than 70 years, Max’s has been known for their crispy fried chicken.

From sizzling sisig, crispy lechon to bulalo, Max’s is also a go-to place to satisfy other Pinoy food cravings.

For many Dilipinos, dining at max’s is a family affair. For the kids, it’s also a place to learn about their cultural roots and language.

The name Max’s came from it’s original owner, Maximo Gimenez.

A Stanford-educated Pinoy teacher who after World War II entertained American GI’s at his home and served them his niece’s special fried chicken recipe.

The Americans insisted to pay for their meals, so he opened his first Filipino gastropub called Max’s bar — and the rest is history.

Today, Max’s is in 15 locations around the US and Canada, serving not only Filipino communities, but continuing the tradition of teaching and introducing the culture to Americans.


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