Maureen Montagne proudly represents Filipinos and Arizona at Miss World 2017

PHOENIX, AZ — Maureen Montagne is representing Arizona for the second time in a national beauty pageant. First, at the Miss USA 2015, where she was on the top 15, and now, at the Miss World.

She recently did a commercial ad on TV for Massage Envy, print ad for Talking Stick Resort, and has graced magazine covers.

“After Miss Arizona, I focused on school. Now that I finished with a degree in ASU, I’ve been focusing on modeling. And I’m looking into getting a job in marketing,” she says.

Every time Montagne competes, she always highlights her Filipino roots. Her advocacy benefits some Fil-Am children in the valley.

“I’ve really been enjoying prepping for this project and being able to work with our kiddos and teach them Tagalog in the process,” she says. “Whether it’s just simple body parts and counting, and letting them engage with our culture, which I think is great.”

Montagne immerses herself, as well with the Abaka Foundation, which promotes Filipino culture, language, and arts.

In return, she learns to speak a few Tagalog words and becomes an inspiration for these young kids.

“Personally I wasn’t able to engage with my culture until college, until I found a Filipino club at Arizona State University. Having these venue for the kids to learn is amazing.”

“I honestly love everything about Ate Maureen because she’s always been so helpful to Abaka,” says member Crescent Brewer. “I’m not sure what we would have done without her.”

“I love that she’s very pretty and tall. I like that she represents the Filipino American community and Arizona too,” says member Trini Forti.

For this competition, Montagne said she is hopeful to get the crown and become the “beauty with a purpose” spokesperson.

“I feel very good. I feel very secure. I feel like I’m finally mature enough to really do my best, and I can’t wait to get out there to show what all my years of hard work have amounted to.”

There are 29 contestants vying for the title “America’s Miss World 2017.” The crowning moment will be held at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida this Sunday.

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