Matthysse gears up for upcoming fight against Pacquiao

INDIO, CA — 35-year-old Lucas Martin Matthysse shows off his moves during his training at the Boys and Girls Club of Indio.

The fighter is gearing up for his upcoming battle against 8-division champion, the Philippines’ fighting senator Manny Pacquiao on July 15 in Kuala Lampur Malaysia.

“It’s gonna be a good fight, I know Pacquiao is working and my strength is preparation. I’m working very hard and my confidence will come out victorious.”

“I have a couple of Olympic trainers from Russia that are lefties they are really fast and he is been giving the best and been dominating these young fighters,” said Joel Diaz.

For over 3 months, the Matthysse camp spent most of their time in a conventional routine. They say that they chose to train in the desert region of California’s Coachella Valley because of the dry heat.

When asked what part of his body he plans to protect from the jabs of Pacquiao, Lucas says that he plans to protect his nose.

With 39 wins and 4 losses, Matthysse vows to combat the fighting senator of the Philippines’ powerful left hooks and left jabs.

Meanwhile, the Matthysse camp confirmed recently that all is well with the financial issues concerning the fight purse — a topic sparked speculation that the fight might not push through.

Arnold Vegafria, marketing and sales head at mp promotions has also confirmed that the fight finance concerns are resolved.

Diaz adds that they are 100 percent ready to slug it out with Pacquiao on July 15th and July 14th here in the U.S.

The Matthysse camp leaves the U.S. tonight. Trainer Joel Diaz says they are 100 percent ready to slug it out against the Pacman.


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