Matt Dumba and Hockey Diversity Alliance kick off NHL’s return

As 24 teams kicked off the NHL’s Stanley Cup qualifiers in Toronto and Edmonton this past weekend, Filipino Canadian star Matt Dumba began the season by taking a knee to stand against racism.

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  • Mario
    4 August 2020 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    To all PINOY players, my advise stay away from politics, if you are already earning $10Million, you can join the politics of Racism, Look what happen to NFL KAEPERNICK, from $20M to ZERO, JayZ the Rappers, Charles Barkley, advise them just stand-up for 3 minutes as a respect to the US flag, that is the way to earn $20Million. If you kneel down on the National Anthem, the Owner of the Team can terminate you, you are an employee of the Team, you should know how to follow Team rules. Lebron James stand-up on the National Anthem, James got involved on Politics in HK, China Banned NBA, and lost $5 Billion on TV ADS contract all over China. If TRUMP wins the election he will not run after the players, he can just call the NHL(Hockey) NBA(Basketball), NFL(Football),NBL(Baseball),NSL(Soccer) COMMISSIONERS.