Massive flooding in Texas leaves behind casualties, damaged homes

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – While most Americans celebrated Memorial Day, people in Central Texas had to wade through inundated byways and highways, after a record eleven inches of rain hammered their neighborhoods.

So far, at least five people have died in Houston because of the storm, raising the overall death toll from the storm system that’s been pummeling the area, as well as parts of Northern Mexico to at least 25.

More than a thousand homes have been damaged and thousands have been displaced.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared disasters in 37 counties, to mobilize help from other states. He said, “Even though we have been to the point we are now, the challenges are not over yet. There’s going to be more rain to come. This is a huge challenge going across the entire state.”

A dozen people are still missing after a vacation home was swept away and was slammed onto a bridge downstream. Recovery teams have resumed the search early Tuesday.

Mayor Annise Parker of Houston said, “It’s still a dangerous situation along the bayous they’re full of water, the water is moving very very rapidly and a lot of folks want to come down and look, kids particularly want to come and toss something in the bayou see what they can see, it’s exciting. It’s a very dangerous place to be so I would encourage caution and if you can stay home, please stay home today. ”

Houston officials said more rains are possible in the next few days in the country’s 7th biggest U.S. metropolitan area. Underpasses and some highways and roads near waterways remain inundated.

Balitang America is still trying to determine if there are any Filipinos affected by this massive flooding in Texas, through correspondence with the Philippine Consulate.

You may contact Henni Espinosa at for more information.

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