Marvel’s Oscar-winning costume designer on collaborating with a Filipino visual designer in “Black Panther”

NEW YORK — Reel Works is providing free film making workshops for teens to change the world, one youth filmmaker at a time.

The organization is also celebrating individuals who are changing the face of entertainment and media at the Reel Works gala at the Capitale in New York on Tuesday.

Among the honorees was the first and only African-American woman to ever win an Oscar for costume design, Ruth E. Carter, for her work in Marvel’s “Black Panther.”

Carter says, she collaborated with Marvel’s Filipino American visual designer Anthony Francisco.

The “architect” of Black Panther’s Dora Milaje – or Wakanda’s all-women army — drew his inspiration from his mother’s Filipino culture.

“He remembered his mother working with beads, and working with artistic pieces so he brought some of his culture into that costume, and I took the illustration and brought in African elements.”

The result, she says, is a costume that represents not just one culture, but many.

And she hopes that their collaboration inspires diverse talents including young Filipino-Americans trying to make it in the movie industry.

“There is a place here for you too, that you will be beholden, you will be loved, your work is important and you should have no shame in being who you are and showing that you have cultural pride.”

Carter, who was tapped to design costumes for the movie “Coming to America 2” says fans can expect a lot of beautiful costumes for the sequel.

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