Martinez pays tribute to his mom on his birthday

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Nov. 6, 2014

ARTESIA, Calif. – A birthday cake topped with an ice skate and a performance by Florante were among the tributes given to Asia’s golden boy of figure skating.

Olympic hero Michael Martinez celebrated his 18th birthday with friends and supporters, including his siblings, at Gerry’s Grill in Artesia on Tuesday night, his actual birthday.

“I’m really, really happy. This is like the first celebration of my birthday since when I was five years old,” said Martinez.

But instead of focusing on himself, the “Ice Prince” presented his mother with 18 roses. “This signifies 18 years you have sacrificed for me,” Martinez told his mom.

“I would like to thank God for all the blessings he has given to me and my family first wish is just to have good health for my family and me and the second one is to win the competition in Poland, November 24, and the third one is I wish I would have a car,” he said with a laugh.

While Martinez is going through a week’s worth of birthday celebrations, the Olympic skater will be hard at work training for the Warsaw cup in Poland later this month.

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