Martin Nievera and the Society of Seven host benefit concert for a friend in need

This holiday season, gift giving and holiday Christmas party is what appears to be the norm to many. But for a friend in need raising funds for a friend’s wife, Joy Laygo, who in a coma, is what the “siren of the Strip” concert king Martin Nievera and the Society of Seven is not only an advocate, but an extending help for their brother in the entertainment industry.

Michael Laygo, the lead vocalist of the Society of Seven, is joined by his group, together with Lani Misalucha, Martin Nievera, and community leaders who support the Laygo family in this tough time.

Nievera says that in the entertainment industry, where income is not stable, giving someone a lift in need should not only happen during the holiday season.

“Unfortunately musicians all over the world we don’t make the kind of money where we can take care of ourselves, thank God that moments like this we come together not just because its Christmas, but because we are family.”


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