Many undocumented Pinoys excluded from Obama’s executive order

LOS ANGELES – After months of anticipation, undocumented Filipino workers have met President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration with some hope, a little disappointment, and a rekindled fighting spirit.

“We wish that maybe even more people be included in the relief,” said Aqui Soriano, of the Pilipino Workers Center. “This is the biggest relief that’s happened since the 1980s and you think a victory for all of us in the immigrant movement, who have been really pushing to have relief under this insanely broken immigration system.”

The temporary stays announced by Obama include parents of US citizens and permanent residents who have been in the country for at least five years – such as this one family with two American citizen children.

“Napa ganda siempre para sa mga magulang,” said the mother, who chose not to be named. “Talaga maka awa mga familia dahil sa ganyan.”

Another caregiver with a US citizen child also welcomed his chances of legalization after 13 years in the US.

“It’s a good sign to start with,” said the caregiver.

In the room of about a dozen undocumented immigrants – who held a townhall after the speech – they were the only two with an immediate solution to their legal status.

Many of these Filipinos, mostly caregivers, only meet the executive order’s time requirements but have no family in the US.

“We are not yet included. That’s the sad thing that we heard just a few minutes ago,” said one unnamed caregiver. “We’re hoping. I’ll do more prayers. Prayers can move mountains.”

“Good news for those who have children here,” said another caregiver, “but of course, we want the big news we have been waiting for a long time.”

Undocumented Filipinos suffered another blow on Thursday, as the Department of Homeland Security announced temporary protected status for West African nationals because of the Ebola outbreak.

For the past year, in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Filipinos have been asking for the humanitarian relief that would help certain undocumented Filipinos.

“In the absence, maybe we can push various types of relief,” said Aqui Soriano. “They’re still granting TPS. It is frustrating they didn’t grant it for us yet, but we also haven’t give up on it.”

While potential beneficiaries wait for instructions of what they consider is a partial victory, the immigrant rights community says the battle is not over. They’re ready to ramp up the fight for a more inclusive and permanent solution to the broken immigration system.

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  • Fil Am
    21 November 2014 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    There are people in line waiting to migrate
    Here legally
    It’s not right to award those that
    Cut in line

  • noz
    21 November 2014 at 7:40 pm - Reply

    these illegal aliens are too shameless to tap on the US immigration laws. illegal aliens have no right to weigh on any legality issues. illegal foreign invaders are offenders of the rule of laws. its too disgusting these lawless illegal aliens are spitting such obnoxious lies of broken immigration laws, not system. this is one of many distortions these illegal aliens are disseminating, like cancer spreading. the only cure for the uncontrolled illegal aliens is to deport all illegal aliens, is as simple as that. australia, japan, other industrialized nations do deport illegal aliens, in order to protect their sovereignty and the citizen’s inherent cultures. america must learn from this countries on how to get rid of illegal aliens for the good of the country. illegal aliens are instrumental in bringing down the quality of life in america, sending this nation to the garbage bin, with neighborhoods turning to hoods, decent jobs were extinct, the english language have been progressively undercut to extermination. hard evidences are all over of obozo as the biggest liar alive with his rhetoric speech of illegal aliens are not welfare eligible, the facts, billions of income taxpayers are spent on illegal aliens collecting government freebies. the public are not getting the facts from the lame stream medias. if the majority populous get the truth and nothing but the truth about these outlawed illegal aliens, they all will rise in rebellion against these demanding illegal aliens, who by the rule of law have no right to demand.

  • Delia
    22 November 2014 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    In January when the new Senate and Congress swear in to thier Job they should
    Pass a bill on Immigration.
    1. Secure our borders better. Stop illegal immigrants BEFORE they enter the USA.
    2. Better follow-up on Student, Work and Expired Visas.
    If you have a student visa and drop out of school, Please leave the USA.
    If your work visa has expired, Please leave the USA.
    If your visa has Expired and you do not renew it, Please Leave the USA.
    3. Stream line the deportation process so that those who have been found to be in the USA Illegally get immediately deported or are held until deportation is possible.
    4. Put up deportation holding stations along the border with double-layered fencing.

  • noz
    23 November 2014 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    the illegal aliens obozo cherry pick must never be given the income taxpayers monies of the hardworking americans in processing their paper applications, and other expenses of hiring lawyers for fees. the watchdogs must be seriously focus and observants of the people’s hard earned dollars, that not even a penny goes to the hand of illegal aliens in their pursuit of legalizations of their lawlessness at the expense of the monies of the hard working americans/legal residents. aliens from all over the globe are spending their own money, whatever it cost to file their applications/fees to enter the USA legally. the demonicraps are so slick, immoral, irresponsible, bleeding heart politician lawmakers, who couldn’t care less squandering the taxpayers money, freely handing them out to illegal aliens complaining of financial worry. demonicraps have the track record of massive spending, epic record of borrowing trillions from china, when the US treasury is short/empty, just to fund their suicidal cause, this time the disastrous, damaging relief legalizations of illegal aliens. obozo/the demonicraps outlook at the detrimental illegal aliens relief legalizations is a stimulus capital, that will pay off on getting elected/reelected, to stay in power as long as the demonicraps corrupt tricks will work, misleading the electorates to grab the powers from the elephant party.

    the elected/reelected congressmen/senators of the elephant party will take their respective positions approximately in 8 weeks. the mandates of their voters first/foremost is the ECONOMY, which clearly is tied to the illegal aliens executive order of obozo. their constituents gave the majority elephants the power to defeat initiatives that will hinder the growth of the ECONOMY. the crazy illegal aliens initiative of obozo is the least in the list of the voters poll. obozo’s insanity must be collapsed in all legal angles of the lawsuits, brought against him by the states heavily affected socially/financially by obozo’s illegal aliens relief legalizations.

  • JRB
    24 November 2014 at 10:29 am - Reply

    The only answer to all this mess is close the doors in to America let no one come to America from other countries. Throw out illegal aliens in our country now everyone wifes,kids, mothers and fathers. And give us back our country to all legal and true Americans that was born here in America. Get rid of all illegal aliens now Obama. That is the rightway to freedom in America.

  • filam
    24 November 2014 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    The media, the president and progressives portray the “illegal immigrant” as the ultimate victim in this drama. What about the chaotic lawlessness and the fiscal strain citizens must bear? Who put the cohesiveness of illegal immigrant families at risk in the first place? Do we have a choice as to who we allow into the country as citizens or not? Citizenship is privilege, not a cheap commodity to be stolen by anyone. You would think the solid, law-abiding American citizen who is of the persuasion that this is a compassionate “nation of laws” is this evil, racist influence that must be eliminated to allow enlightened progress to prevail. I hope our elected officials resist the lobbying of big business and fight for their voters.

  • danny baleros
    24 November 2014 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    I dont understand why they are calling it broken immigration system. you came to the US in intention of breaking the law. now nowyou want to become legal. what about thousand of us whio are following the law to immigrate legally?