Manny Villar defends PNoy over Mamasapano controversy

SAN FRANCISCO – Former senator and ex-presidential candidate Manny Villar was in San Francisco to help launch his real estate company Vista Land in the United States.

He did not escape questions about calls for his former opponent in the 2010 elections, President Noynoy Aquino, to resign after the events of the Mamasapano anti-terror mission.

“We should look at all he has done during his presidency in the last six years,” said Senator Villar. “For me, if you look at it in a bigger picture, he’s ok.”

Some political experts believe otherwise, saying Aquino may face criminal charges after his term because he disobeyed lawful orders from the Ombudsman when he engaged suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima in the Mamasapano operation.

Political strategist Malou Tiquia said that Purisima should never have been involved because he was not part of the actual operation.

“When the Secretary of the DILG and Defense learned about it, they told the president,” said Tiquia. And you would see they were waiting for the decision of the president. They were not moving. There was paralysis.”

Tiquia says this is another example of how the president chooses to enact justice.

She cites the cases of Aquino’s allies former LTO Chief Virgie Torres and former DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno who were able to escape controversy while Aquino’s opponents like former President Arroyo and former Chief Justice Corona were quickly held accountable for their alleged wrongdoings.

“Daang matiwid has not been institutionalized and only focuses on so called enemies and friends aren’t accountable — double standard of law,” said Tiquia.

“Major concern we have seen this before the ineptitude and incompetence is ranked even owning to certain responsibilities and accountabilities starting with dealing with suspended officer how can you have chief executive violating our laws,” said Clarita Carlos, a professor and the University of the Philippines.

But Villar remains hopeful for the future of the country.

“The things that are good for the Philippines like the influx of Fil-Ams, OFWs, tourism…it’s all there regardless of the President is so it doesn’t matter who it will be,” said Villar.

The House of Representatives says it will resume their investigation on the Mamasapano incident by next month.

With reports from RG Cruz

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  • Generoso Magaoay
    20 March 2015 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    Within the last six years, we hope that typhoon Yolanda is/was included in the big picture approach that former Senator Manny Villar was advocating about… What now, trying to do some damage control and schmoozing for “Penoy”..? Eversince former Senator Manny Villar became a senator, his face appears to has / have gotten thicker. What can we expect from a politician, nothing really (lip service, deaf ears approach or just passing a bag full of rice)? Five days after typhoon Yolanda plowed through Leyte…i guess Villar was busy holding on to his big bowl of rice top off with pork adobo, dinuguan, sisig, etc.
    So now the real challenge to came to test how good the Philippine government really is? While secretly convening to plan for operation exodus, “Penoy” collaborated with suspended PNP Chief Purisima (drawing from personal-family ties), OIC Espina and SAF Commander Napenas (scapegoat or default for Aquino’s failure), all of which were given unclear and fragmented roles. The result was an overwhelming tragic losses of 44 PNP SAF forces. Supposed Manny Villar knows that this is a big picture based event that place his friend “Penoy” under the spot light…