Manny the Movie Guy: ‘Quezon’s Game’ has drama, courage and heart

“Quezon’s Game” is a film that speaks volumes about courage.

The central figure here is our Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon, wonderfully played by Raymond Bagatsing.

Matching Bagatsing wit by wit is Rachel Alejandro as Quezon’s wife, Aurora — she’s comforting yet strong, stoic but loving.

The time is just before WWII, when then-president Quezon, against all odds, decided to provide refuge to European Jews escaping Nazi Germany.

The U.S. and other countries refused to help, but Quezon, along with his military adviser, Dwight Eisenhower, played by David Bianco, marched forward.

You will feel the drama, even though the script by Janice Y. Perez and Dean Rosen is a bit uneven.

This is a very talkie picture so many expositions are told not shown, but hang in there until the very end when real-life survivors praised Quezon’s nearly impossible game: now that’s the heart of the movie.

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