Manny the Movie Guy: Golden Globes 2018

It’s all about the Golden Globes this weekend — but who will win? Manny the Movie Guy gives us his predictions.

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  • Mario
    6 January 2018 at 11:40 am - Reply

    You should be an anti-Trump leftist to win the Globe nomination and awards. Movie producers,owners and investors are getting huges tax savings because of Trump GOP tax cut.Multi national corporations mostly leftist CEO owned, like Airlines, At&T,ComCast, Banks,etc. already giving $1000 Bonus to their employees as a result of the tax cut and job creation bills.. The fake media and the Democrat are scared that millennials will see more money in their bank account eventually will vote Republican due to tax cut. 80% of the tax payers are below 50K income bracket will get the most benefits on the GOP tax cut. By February employees pay check will increase because of tax cut, how, new tax code reduced the witholding tax computation.Small amount increase means a lot for low income earners and will eventually vote for GOP.On DACA 80%-90% are Hispanic,25% are functionally illiterate in English language, 46% have basic English proficiency,4% mostly PINOYS, completed Colleges Education, 73% of DACA are living in low income household therefore qualified for welfare(Taxpayers money).