Manny Pacquiao’s Los Angeles mansion robbed during fight weekend

LOS ANGELES — As a victorious Manny Pacquiao made his way back to Los Angeles, police were investigating a crime scene at his Los Angeles mansion.

The house, in LA’s Hancock Park neighborhood, had apparently been broken into while Pacquiao was in Las Vegas.

A tip from a neighbor came in on Sunday afternoon, and police arrived at the scene a few hours before he was expected to arrive in Los Angeles.

The block was cordoned off until after 3 am on Monday morning, as detectives went through the house, with relatives, staffers, vehicles, and even neighbors unable to enter the area.

The suspects, which are still unidentified reportedly made their way into the house through a second story window — the fighting senator’s personal staff showed in a social media post a ransacked room.

Neither police nor the Pacman’s team have disclosed what items were taken.

No one was home at the time of the incident as everyone including the Pacman’s aunt who lives there were all In Las Vegas.

Pacquiao and family did not go home to the mansion and opted to stay in a second house.

Despite the crime, the family had a good time at the Warriors-Lakers game on Monday night.

Meeting with members of the Golden State Warriors, including Steph Curry.

This isn’t the first time an incident like this has occurred. Police arrested four people in 2011 during a robbery attempt at the same mansion, another attempted break-in occurred last year as well.

The burglaries of high profile athletes’ homes have become common in the Los Angeles area. Players from the Dodgers and Rams have come home to find their houses burglarized, especially after road trips.

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